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VEET/iPART (incentive scheme)

The VEET scheme makes energy efficiency improvements more affordable and encourages investment in industries that supply energy efficiency goods and services. IPART provides independent regulatory decisions and advice to protect the ongoing interests of consumers in NSW.


What you can expect from our VEET/iPART Compliance service

  • Ensure compliance to mandatory standards by reviewing the client test report to ensure that it meets the legislated requirements.
  • Advise the applicable mandatory standards for various products.
  • Keep track of any published changes in the mandatory standards.
  • Monitor recalls related to mandatory standards.

Fast and simple compliance with VEET/iPART Standards

BWES Compliance and Consulting can offer its services to both NSW and Victorian businesses wishing to participate in the respective government energy saving programs. Our engineers are very well versed in the processes involved in a NEW APPLICATION, CO-LICENCE, MODIFICATION or a RENEWAL in the areas of Electrical Equipment Safety, Energy Efficiency and Electrical Product Compliance. You can utilise our skillsets to ensure you spend as little time as possible on the “paperwork” and as much time as possible on your business.

VEET/iPART Compliance FAQs

The time taken to gain approval for a new application varies quite considerably. Key to a quick approval is being able to provide the correct information at the first time of asking. This is where BWES Compliance and Consulting can definitely assist your business. We will assist you with all of your application requirements and then submit the application on your behalf. The next time you hear from us is to confirm that your application has been successful.

In most instances the licence will be valid for five years. There are circumstances under which a shorter licence period is set. BWES Compliance and Consulting will provide this information at the time of your application.

Should you face a change of specification to a product that is covered by an existing approval there is no need to be concerned.  BWES Compliance and Consulting can help. We would require a sample of the product in question. Thereafter, we will review the product in line with the  original application. In a number of cases it has not been necessary to re-submit the product for a new formal approval. another

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