Revised GEMS Act Imminent.

A revised version of the GEMS Act (Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012) is currently before the Australian parliament.

This important act regulates the energy efficiency of products sold in Australia. It sets minimum energy performance standards and controls energy rating labelling to help consumers make informed choices.

The proposed changes are the result of a 2019 independent review of the act, and their intention is to improve and modernise, making it easier for companies to comply with energy efficiency legislation.

GEMS Energy Rating Sticker on household appliance

Some of the proposed changes include:

  • Enabling registration of a custom product when the product has been produced and ready to supply to the buyer.
  • Extending grandfathering provisions to stock which was manufactured or imported before regulation updates take effect.
  • Enabling targeted exemptions under reasonable circumstances.
  • Enabling new and updated international testing methods.

In general, if the legislation is passed, the process of compliance should be easier than before and encourage more energy efficient products into the Australian market.

Advice on the new regulations and how they may impact your business is available from BWES.

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