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Quality Control & Inspection

Accurate QC inspection documentation for both new and existing products is a critical consideration when dealing with both on shore and off shore suppliers. The purpose of the QC inspection is to provide a detailed analysis of the assembly, performance, workmanship and quality of a product.

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What you can expect from our Quality Control & Inspection service

  • Development of QC inspection Documents.
  • Arrange QC auditors and Pre-shipment inspections.
  • Review of Pre-shipment inspection report.
  • Recommendations for the release of shipments ex-factory.
  • Factory manufacturing capability audit and recommendations.

Development of Quality Control Inspection Documents

Accurate QC inspection documentation for both new and existing products is a critical consideration when dealing with both on shore and off shore suppliers. The purpose of the QC inspection is to provide a detailed analysis of the assembly, performance, workmanship and quality of a product. Only when all criteria have been met and the products have been passed to an “Acceptable Quality limit,” (AQL) will the goods be approved for despatch from the production facility.

BWES Compliance and Consulting has expertise in this sometimes-complex area of quality control and assessment and can call on dedicated expert resources located in Australia, Hong Kong and China to assist our clients manage issues that can sometimes arise when dealing with overseas suppliers.

BWES Compliance and Consulting conduct inspections on behalf of our clients to an agreed quality control document. AS 1199 is referenced to determine both inspection and sampling quantities prior to shipment. Acceptance and rejection criteria are established in cooperation with our client.

Arrange Quality Control auditors and pre-shipment inspections

QC should never be considered a one-off, necessary only prior to the first shipment of a new good. On going regular QC audits and pre-shipment inspections can be a vital added value inspection. BWES Compliance and Consulting work regularly with overseas partners to ensure that the quality of the first delivery can be maintained with each shipment. BWES Compliance and Consulting’s partner organisation based in Hong Kong and China offer a seamless QC audit and pre-shipment service that can react at very short notice to our client’s needs. All our overseas partners are fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English ensuring no gap in communications.

Review of Pre-shipment inspection report

There are times when the supplier of a product provides their own Pre-shipment inspection report. In most cases this report is acceptable and conforms with the Australian Standards requirements. However, if there should be any doubt as to the completeness and/or accuracy of the report BWES Compliance and Consulting are able to provide an independent report on the suitability of the third parties Pre-shipment report. Once the report has been completed, a decision to go ahead and release the goods for shipment can be made with confidence. In circumstances where the goods are rejected, BWES Compliance and Consulting can work on the client’s behalf to resolve the issue(s) with the manufacturer in the shortest possible time to ensure minimal delays in the shipping of the goods.

Factory audits and rating programs

To produce goods with excellent and repeatable quality requires a factory/production facility that has quality at the centre of its core values. An audit should be conducted prior to any commercial agreements being confirmed. Establishing the quality of a factory/production facility can be difficult and requires the skills of a professional auditor. BWES Compliance and Consulting have many years of experience in the undertaking of quality audits both in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Our auditors are fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English and are able to provide a fast and efficient service that gives our clients peace of mind when engaging with both new and existing suppliers.

Quality Control & Inspection FAQs

All products destined for the Australian market will be required to meet Australian Standards. Physical inspection of goods will be carried out after calculating a sample size using Australian standards and a general inspection level determined by the supplier and the customer. BWES Compliance and Consulting have the resources and International partners to manage the total sampling operation, ensuring all goods are inspected to the very latest Standards and requirements.

BWES Compliance and Consulting can prepare a complete Quality Control Inspection proposal that will include, establishing the number of products to be inspected, all approval documents, test certificates and performance criteria. Even the final colour shade of the product can be part of the accepted quality requirement. Once the QC specification has been agreed, it will be signed off by both the manufacturer and client as the document to be used for the basis of all inspections.

Costs can vary quite considerably. Elements that help to determine final costings include the number of products to be inspected, the level of general inspection agreed between the client and the supplier and the geographic location of the supplier of the goods. BWES Compliance and Consulting can assist you in this sometimes confusing area by offering competitive quotations on the total Inspection process.  Our turn key service offers a one stop shop approach, ensuring a smooth hassle free Inspection process.

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