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Product Rework & Refurbishment

Whether you have received a product shipment that does not meet your exacting specifications,  or you are faced with a voluntary or mandatory recall due to non-compliance or you want to reduce environmental waste, BWES Compliance and Consulting Rework and Replenish division have the expertise to help.

ACCC Mandatory Standards
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What you can expect from our Product Rework & Refurbishment service

  • Rework/repair of large shipments of products.
  • Fast turn-around times.
  • Compliance to Australian Standards AS/NZS3350-1 and AZ/NZS3760 or to other standards at the client’s direction.
  • Logistics Support- product pick-up and delivery can be organised.
  • Development of rework procedures and creation of necessary documentation.
  • Assessment and reporting of product faults.
  • Pre-shipment inspections of re-worked goods.

Fast and simple Product Rework & Refurbishment

Receiving a long awaited shipment of products only to discover that the goods do not meet your agreed specifications or do not comply with Australian standards is very frustrating and in nearly all cases has the potential to be very expensive to rectify. Delays in a launch or not being able to supply a valued customer can also incur significant reputational damage. Such circumstances can be very stressful but its a situation BWES Compliance and Consulting have considerable experience and expertise in.  In short we can  manage the total project which can include dealing with the ACCC on your behalf in order to seek the best resolution. Rework and Refurbishment covers a vast area of activity, from a straightforward rework of packaging though to complete rework of a product including, complex assembly work and modifications to circuitry. Our team can rework or refurbish your products to both AS/NZS 3830 and 3760 respectively thus ensuring your products can be resold with complete confidence.

Our team also understand the need for complete confidentiality in dealing with matters of rework and refurbishment. All such projects are carried out under the direct control of senior management and at a secure location away from our commercial offices.

BWES Compliance and Consulting can also be your partner in circumstances where you undertake repair work as part of your commitment to reducing environmental waste. We have established facilities and a skilled workforce who can be called upon at very short notice to conduct all necessary repairs, modifications and refurbishments. The process is managed and conducted in-house and has proved to be a most economical method of managing this situation.

Product Rework & Refurbishment FAQs

Our engineers at BWES Compliance and Consulting really do appreciate the potential disruption this issue can cause to a business. Time is likely to be a key factor. If you are aware of the problem within the product, BWES can provide immediate advice as to the possible steps required to remedy the situation. If necessary, samples may need to be sent to our offices. We can then quickly assess the situation and recommend the remedial action.

BWES Compliance and Consulting have an enviable record in this area. All rework and refurbishment is undertaken by quality partners under the strict control of BWES engineers. BWES will develop procedures and processes that must be strictly followed by our quality partners. As well, we will conduct random Quality Control inspections throughout the rework/refurbishment as well as a final Quality Control inspection before signing the goods back to our client.

On completion of any rework or refurbishment, all products are tested to the relevant standards for safety. As well, electrical testing is carried out during final QC inspection. BWES Compliance and Consulting will also undertake any other test deemed necessary to ensure compliance and safety.

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