New Sunscreen Standard Begins 1 July

From 1 July 2024, all new sunscreen products on sale in Australia must comply with the new 2021 Sunscreen Standard, the TGA has announced.

The main objective of the new Standard is to set up consistent testing and labelling instructions for sunscreen products or products which contain a sunscreen element. These instructions are aligned with wider international standards.

Different SPF Factors Written In White Sunscreen

What's in the new Standard?

Specifically, the new Standard adopts ISO 24444:2019 which increases the accuracy of identifying the SPF of a product, alongside ISO 24443:2021 which specifies new, more rigorous testing to determine the level of UVA protection. Also included is ISO 16217:2020 which regulates the determination of a product’s SPF after immersion in water. The new Standard introduces specific labelling instructions for the right way to apply aerosol and pump sunscreens (i.e., how much to use and not to spray the product on the face or in windy conditions).

Compliance deadlines

The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) classifies sunscreens as either primary or secondary sunscreen products. Primary sunscreens are products marketed as being able to protect the skin from UV radiation. Secondary sunscreens are marketed as having a different primary function (e.g., moisturising, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle) while also providing a level of protection against UV radiation. The standard applies to both types of product and includes a flowchart to help companies determine what part of the standard applies to their specific product.

Existing aerosols and spray pump packs included in the ARTG prior to 1 July 2024 will have a 1-year transition period to comply with the new labelling requirements in the 2021 Sunscreen Standard.

All existing sunscreens products (aerosol and non-aerosol) included in the ARTG prior to 1 July 2024 will have a 5-year transition period where they can comply with the testing requirements of the 2021 Sunscreen Standard or the previous standard.

A better outcome for Australia

The new Standard will help to drive better health outcomes for Australians. Australia currently has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, placing a huge burden on the nation’s healthcare system.

For a review of your products, assistance with registration, and advice on compliance with the new Standard, please contact us.

Be summer safe 2024.

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