New Fragrance Chemical Added to the AICIS Inventory With Defined Scope of Assessment

The Australian government recently added a new chemical to the AICIS inventory. The chemical is 2H-Pyran, 3-heptyltetrahydro- (CAS number 854737-09-0).

Used primarily as a fragrance component in air fresheners, as well as fine fragrances and other cosmetic and household products, the chemical was added on 2 January 2024 following the issue of a new assessment certificate.

This means that from 2 January, the chemical and any finished products for sale which contain it must now be declared and registered on the AICIS inventory and comply with certain % limits.

The Australian government Department of Health regularly assesses and adds chemicals to the inventory in order to manage the risk to human health and the environment from chemicals of all kinds. Inventory listings are also frequently reclassified based on new information.

The AICIS inventory is available online. If you need any assistance regarding AICIS registration and product declarations please contact us.

Air Freshener Products

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