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EMC/EMR/RF/LIPD are part of the statutory electrical product compliance requirements that must be met before electrical goods can be sold in Australia.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (The ACMA) is the statutory authority for broadcasting, the internet, radio communications and telecommunications. ACMA’s responsibilities include managing access to the radio frequency spectrum.

ACMA Standards Compliance

What you can expect from our EMC/EMR/RF/LIPDs Compliance service

  • Advise client of the applicable EMC/EMR/RF/LIPD standards as required by ACMA.
  • Manage arrangement of communication protocol including but not limited to WiFi, Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, 4G.
  • Issue applicable EMC/EMR/RF/LIPD declarations for client signature.
  • Ensure all product labelling conforms 100% to the ACMA requirements.

Fast and simple compliance with EMC/EMR/RF/LIPD Standards

Our engineers at BWES Compliance and Consulting have many years of experience in this very specialised area of compliance. Working closely with The Australian Communications and Media Authority, (The ACMA) we offer our clients fast and accurate compliance testing and certification.


To show that your product(s) are compliant you will need to have a valid test report, create a declaration and finally affix a RCM logo to your product(s). The product may also require electrical equipment testing and certification.

Australia does have very robust standards with regards to EMC but a company that submits the latest international European Norms, (EN) or International Special Committee on Radio Interference, (CISPR) standards as proof of compliance will be accepted by Australian standards.

All products capable of transmitting and receiving information must meet the requirements of the applicable EMC standard. As well, the product(s) must demonstrate that they fully comply operationally in a predefined spectrum and adhere to the Australian electromagnetic radiation energy requirements.

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