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Electrical Equipment Safety System, (EESS)

The Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) is the peak body of electrical safety regulators in Australia and New Zealand. ERAC acts to ensure electrical safety regulatory systems are contemporary and harmonised wherever possible.

The establishment of the Electrical Equipment Safety System, (EESS) came from a review into ways to improve and harmonise electrical equipment safety. The key features of EESS is to achieve Nationally consistent, electrical equipment safety legislation throughout Australia and New Zealand that has an outcome of increased consumer safety.

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What you can expect from our Electrical Safety EESS Compliance service

  • Full safety testing to include all Australian and New Zealand deviations.
  • Top up testing to include all Australian and New Zealand deviations.
  • Gap analysis reports.
  • Issue certificate of suitability.
  • Issue certificate of Approval
  • ERAC registration and renewals.
  • Responsible Supplier Registration and renewals.

Fast and simple compliance with Electrical Equipment Safety System,(EESS)

Electrical safety is the top priority for anyone wishing to market and distribute any electrical item in Australia. All manufacturers, importers, distributors and officially appointed agents must submit their products to ERAC in order to be granted a Certificate of Approval, (CoA) before being making the product available to sell in the Australian and New Zealand markets. BWES Compliance and Consulting have exceptional resources and experience and can manage the total process for our clients. We also highly recommend that clients gain a Certificate of Suitability, (CoS) which is highly regarded amongst retailers and distributors and is considered Best Business Practice. Once again, we can assist with this process.

BWES Compliance and Consulting on behalf of the client can prepare the appropriate documentation required by Australian/New Zealand Standard 4417 which describes both the Regulatory Compliance mark and the specific requirements for particular regulatory applications.

Electrical Safety EESS Compliance FAQs

Top up testing is required in a situation where a submitted test report does not meet the latest requirements of the relevant AS/NZS standards. Top up testing can be completed by BWES Compliance and Consulting and its partners in a short time frame with full compliance guaranteed.

At this time a Certificate of suitability, (CoS) is not a mandatory requirement. However, there is an increase from retailers requesting a Certificate of suitability for certain/all products they range. Gaining a CoS can be considered as part of “best business practice”. BWES Compliance and Consulting can assist with your enquiries regarding this subject.

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