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E-Waste Recycling Management

E-waste is the fastest growing source of trash across the globe. Our e-waste recycling management service helps companies to demonstrate their commitment to e-waste reduction. We do this by using state-of-the-art recycling techniques to recover more reusable material from e-waste, providing your company with official documentation when complete.

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BWES has maintained a business unit for 10 years dedicated to the 3 key tasks of rework, refurbishment, and sustainable scrapping. Located in Sydney and able to offer quick turnaround times at competitive rates the service is both a reliable and environmental solution to what can be a difficult decision.

What you can expect from our E-Waste Recycling Management service

  • Efficient breaking down of appliances into reusable materials.
  • Safe removal and recycling of button and lithium batteries.
  • Provision of official EPA documentation for recycled products.
  • Logistical support - product pick-up and delivery can be organised.
  • Management of product recalls.
  • Management of returned faulty goods.

Fast, high-efficiency e-waste recycling

The BWES Compliance and Consulting e-waste recycling management service helps companies which produce medium to large volumes of e-waste, due to product recalls or faulty, returned goods.

Using trained operators and employing state-of-the-art techniques, our e-waste recycling service is able to cost-effectively break down household appliances, even ones which were previously thought to be unrecoverable. In some cases, up to 95% of the product can be turned into useful, reusable materials, giving a significant boost to a brand’s environmental profile.

Official EPA documentation is provided for all products recycled by our facility.

As a further convenience for clients, BWES Compliance and Consulting are able to manage the logistics of product recalls or faulty goods returns, to offer a quick and simple, one-stop service.

All of our product recycling takes place in Sydney Australia, with nothing shipped overseas. E-waste is dealt with quickly and efficiently, with any non-recyclable elements sent to a fully certified landfill site.

Battery removal and recycling

In addition to the extraction of materials and components for recycling from electronic devices, our service can also cover battery recycling.

Where necessary, button batteries and lithium batteries can be safely removed. Official documentation confirming the recycling and disposal of the batteries is provided for companies’ CSR/ESG documentation.

E-Waste Recycling Management FAQs

Our highly skilled e-waste recycling technicians will give your company a report detailing the percentage of materials which can be recovered from a particular range or category of appliances. This will be available after the first products have been through the recycling process.

BWES Compliance and Consulting’s e-waste recycling process is all done in Sydney, Australia. When your products are sent to us, they are delivered directly to our recycling site and will not move from there until the process of breaking them down begins soon after. No un-recycled product is ever shipped abroad by us.

The BWES Compliance and Consulting e-waste recycling process is extremely efficient. We use the most modern equipment and techniques, and our operatives are all highly trained. This means that in many cases we can recover up to 95% of the materials in a product. The small proportion which is left over is sent to a certified and responsibly managed landfill site.

To ensure we can offer a seamless, one-stop recycling service, our trained operatives are able to safely remove button batteries and lithium batteries for recycling, with full documentation provided.

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