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Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a business critical tool that is used across all facets of business and generally involves an investigation into a business and very often a product to determine the quality, standards and compliance of the service or product. Due diligence contributes significantly to informed decision making. BWES Compliance and Consulting conduct Due Diligence across a range of activities and products. This process can save our clients significant time and money and help them to make a more informed decision.

ACCC Mandatory Standards
CE Compliance Mark

What you can expect from our Due Diligence service

  • Ensure compliance to mandatory standards by reviewing the client test report to ensure that it meets the legislated requirements.
  • Advise the applicable mandatory standards for various products.
  • Keep track of any published changes in the mandatory standards.
  • Monitor recalls related to mandatory standards.

A fast and simple Due Diligence service

BWES Compliance and Consulting provide significant expertise in the area of due diligence. The objective of a due diligence process is discovery. To do this it is important that the correct questions are asked and then answered to the satisfaction of all parties. Asking the right questions will help to determine if a product should be launched, retained in a product portfolio or maybe even deleted. Our engineers will help establish the guidelines for due diligence on your product(s) or service offer. This approach will significantly decrease the time taken to take a decision and have a positive impact on the chances of the correct decision being made.

Due Diligence FAQs

Absolutely. In fact, due diligence at an early stage of the development process is an excellent tool in helping to establish whether or not a product could be viable, could be priced competitively and even if it’s proposed features and benefits would provide an advantage in the market.

BWES Compliance and Consulting have a collective knowledge of the vast array of products in the Australian and New Zealand markets and are best placed to provide an objective opinion on establishing due diligence criteria.

This is a question that is often asked. We do undertake due diligence on competitor products that are currently available in the Australian and New Zealand markets in order to prepare a comparative features and benefits report. As well, due diligence can also identify potential issues in the area’s of quality and service life of a product. A comprehensive due diligence report can have a significant impact on any decision regarding materials selected for products and the methods of production. Good due Diligence can save both time and money and have the potential to reduce both product and manufacturing costs.

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