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Childcare Products/Toys

This is a very specialist area of the compliance/standard business. The government bodies including ACCC are very active in this area and compliance with the latest standards is mandatory. It is business-critical that your baby/child products and toys comply with all relevant Australian and New Zealand standards.

ACCC Mandatory Standards
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What you can expect from our Childcare Products/Toys Compliance service

  • Ensure compliance to mandatory standards by reviewing the client test report to ensure that it meets the legislated requirements.
  • Advise the applicable mandatory standards for various products.
  • Keep track of any published changes in the mandatory standards.
  • Monitor recalls related to mandatory standards.

Fast and simple compliance with Childcare Products/Toys Standards

With Childcare products and toys making up a significant percentage of all ACCC mandatory recalls, risk mitigation becomes a very pragmatic business decision. BWES Consulting and Compliance can claim to be one of a very few organisations with such in depth knowledge of the Childcare Products and Toys portfolio. Our expertise can be called upon before the client commits to first samples, thereby reducing the potential for costly and time consuming redesign. BWES Consulting and Compliance are acutely aware of the importance of confidentiality in all of these matters and always insist on signing mutually binding confidentiality agreements. We also consult on both new and existing products.

Other services include reviewing the client’s test report to ensure that it can meet the legislated requirements, advise our clients on any published changes in the mandatory standards and if any changes may affect products in the portfolio.

Compliance is required for both electrical and non-electrical products and toys. BWES are positioned to arrange for all mandatory testing by working closely with one of our Independent Partners. Testing for lead and other elements can also be undertaken by BWES and our independent partners.

Should you ever face a situation of being asked to conduct a voluntary or a mandatory product recall, contacting BWES should be your first point of contact. BWES have a specialist team that can be mobilised immediately. We will work with you to reduce your risk, exposure and any potential brand damage. BWES will go as far as to be the coordinator between the organisation and the ACCC.

We invite you to contact one of our engineers to discuss your Childcare Product and Toy compliance portfolio.

Childcare Products/Toys Standards Compliance FAQs

Toys and other children’s products sold and marketed in both Australia and New Zealand are obliged to undergo very comprehensive testing. All products must comply with the latest Australia and New Zealand standards. Failure to obtain appropriate certification will have severe consequences for both the importer and retailer. BWES Compliance and Consulting have a dedicated resource who’s task it is to ensure that your products are tested to the very latest standards.

Clearly, it is a legal requirement that you possess the correct documentation including test reports to the appropriate standards. Without the correct documentation your products will not be approved. If you chose to involve BWES Compliance and Consulting in the early stage of your product research process potential lengthy time delays and additional costs can be avoided. A small investment at the start of your product assessment can provide significant savings in the overall project and ensure that your product(s) get to market at the correct time.

Whilst the costs do vary according to what toy or children’s product you plan to sell, the general motto is that it will be a lot less expensive to obtain the correct certification and approvals to start with than it will be to face product modification or worse a product recall should the products be found not to be compliant after launch. BWES Compliance and Consulting can project manage the total approvals process and ensure that you can go to the market with a product(s) that are fully safe, compliant and a strong endorsement of your brand.

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