BWES Strengthens Team With AICIS and Apparel Expert

Maria Velez, Product Compliance Officer

Compliance Risk Analyst Maria Velez has joined the team at BWES Compliance and Consulting as a Product Compliance Officer.

A 7-year stint with TJX Australia equipped her with broad spectrum product compliance expertise, with an emphasis on AICIS and Apparel products.

An innovator in compliance, Maria has developed tools that enable the checking of chemical products against AICIS inventory and ulterior categorisation.

In addition, Maria brings a high level of experience in ACCC regulatory compliance and a law degree which equips her for dealing with Australian Consumer Law (ACL) issues.

The full spectrum of Maria’s category skills include:

  • Health and Beauty
  • Home Décor involving chemicals such as Diffusers, candles and room sprays
  • Food, especially confectionery
  • All kinds of toys with emphasis on button battery compliance, aquatic toys, inflatables for kids under
  • 36 months, and portable pools
  • Apparel (with the upcoming change in 2024)
  • Programmes for Social Compliance and avoiding modern slavery.

Maria commented:

“With the constantly changing legislation in Australia, I want to offer the peace of mind that you seek when bringing products to market and help build the reputation of your brand and cement the loyalty of your customers.”

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