BWES Director Helps Set New Standards With IEC

As the appointed chair of an IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) subcommittee, BWES director Geoffrey Booth recently met up with other IEC experts in Venice for one of two face-to-face group meetings this year.

Geoffrey Booth BWES Director pictured in a group of IEC delegates

The November session contributed to IEC Advisory Groups, Maintenance Teams, Working Groups, Ad-Hoc Working Groups and Sub committees as they form the standards for the future safety and efficacy of electrical products around the world.

During the 5-day session which commenced 13 November, the group reviewed 213 main committee documents and 119 green documents.

As a result, the IEC will soon be able to publish the team’s agreed modifications and new standards for electrical products. In addition, it has been agreed that Australia will harmonise the local AS/NZS standards with these new IEC requirements within 6 to 12 months of publication.

With the contribution of more than 20,000 global experts, IEC is the independent, global organisation that develops and publishes state of the art international standards for electrical and electronic products and related services, used by companies and government policy makers all over the world.

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