Baby Self-Feeding Pillows Alert

Self-feeding pillows are widely available on the internet, but there’s a high risk of choking or suffocation when they’re used. Even when used according to the instructions, the baby can’t push the bottle away, so can choke on the milk or suffer aspiration pneumonia.

In 2023, the ACCC issued a recall for a pillow which has been on sale in Australia since 2021, updating the recall with new hazard alerts on 3 June this year.

Elsewhere, the UK government issued a blanket Urgent Safety Alert about this category of products, urging consumers to immediately stop their use and for retailers to remove them from stores. The (UK) Office for Product Safety and Standards says:

“this category of product will always be dangerous due to their design and intended use, and can never be made safe.”

A baby uses a Self-Feeding Pillow

Professor Peter Fleming, a consultant paediatrician and leading baby safety expert explains:

“With this device, the baby cannot adjust the angle of the bottle or the rate of flow of the milk. There is a real risk that milk will get into the back of the baby’s throat and they will stop breathing. Plus, there is a risk of aspiration pneumonia, a life-threatening illness which if not recognised and treated, can kill a small baby in a few hours.”

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