Australian Consumer Safety Priorities 2024

Each year, the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) sets priorities to minimise safety risks to consumers and raise public awareness. In the 2023-24 period, the ACCC’s focus will fall on four key areas of product safety.

1. Products For Young Children

The ACCC will concentrate on compliance, enforcement and education related to a range of products including sleep aids, toys for children under 3 (such as rattles and teethers), items containing button batteries, and toppling furniture. By taking regulatory action and working with suppliers to improve recalls, the ACCC’s aim is to protect young children from potential harm.

2. Infant Sleep Products

Infant sleep products will receive special attention from the ACCC. The organisation’s focus will involve assessing data, conducting investigations and engaging with stakeholders regarding any concerning products. Preventing injuries and deaths is the overriding priority and a mandatory standard for infant sleep products is expected.

3. Ecommerce

Product safety in the digital space has become a major concern. The ACCC is utilising technology to detect and prevent unsafe and banned product listings. The commission will also collaborate with regulators globally and raise awareness among online sellers about their compliance obligations.

4. Sustainability

The ACCC recognises its role in supporting Australia’s transition to a sustainable economy and will focus on ensuring that its product safety functions align with those objectives. Additionally, efforts will be made to instil consumer confidence in the safety of products that are essential for the transition to a net-zero and circular economy.

A Safer Australia

The ACCC aims to create a safer and more sustainable marketplace for all Australians and the organisation’s 2023-24 product safety priorities address some critical areas of concern. With effective risk identification, prioritisation, and management strategies, the ACCC will continue to safeguard consumers and maintain a robust product safety framework.

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