ACMA: Importers Responsible for Vehicle Tech Compliance

Cars and commercial vehicles, especially modern EVs, come loaded with tech accessories designed to make them safer and easier to drive.

Everything from parking sensors, to proximity detectors to automatic braking systems must all comply with mandatory standards for telecommunications and radiocommunications.

Whether devices are already fitted to a vehicle or available as an aftermarket accessory, ACMA (The Australian Communications and Media Authority) place the obligations on the IMPORTER to ensure the equipment complies with Australian standards.

Modern vehicle LIDAR system

The obligations include:

  • Keeping records which prove the compliance of the component
  • Signing a declaration of conformity
  • Labelling the component correctly to demonstrate that it is compliant (some labelling exemptions exist for importers who are members of specified industry peak bodies)
  • Registration of the importer on the national database.

Depending on the equipment, it may need to meet any combination of the standards for radiocommunications, electromagnetic energy (EME) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

As vehicles become more complex and increasingly leverage technology in the form of driver assistance and communication, so the compliance obligations multiply. It may be easier and improve speed to market if importers of vehicles and accessories seek expert advice with their compliance.

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