ACCC: Care Labelling Standards Updated.

The mandatory care labelling standards for clothing and textiles have just been updated by ACCC.

The current standard requires that textile products including clothing, textiles, furnishing and suede skins, leathers and furs must have adequate care instructions attached to them. Care instructions written in English must continue to be provided until 4 March 2024.

A textile care label attached to an item of clothing

The revised standard

Under the revised standard, from 5 March 2024, suppliers can opt to provide care instructions written in English or simply using the international care symbols (or both). Suppliers can provide extra information if they wish, such as care instructions in other languages, provided the requirements of the mandatory standard are met.

This is an easing of the regulation, as suppliers will no longer be required to have English words after 5 March 2024. Suppliers should keep to the current practice until then.

The mandatory standard for care labelling for clothing and textiles applies to:

  • clothing
  • household textiles
  • furnishings
  • piece goods made from textiles
  • plastic coated fabrics
  • suede skins
  • leathers
  • furs

For further information about these changes, contact BWES Compliance & Consulting.

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