ACMA, the statutory body which regulates communications and media services in Australia, has released a draft plan for the future of Australia’s airwaves.

ACMA’s remit covers internet and phones, TV, radio and content, spectrum and equipment compliance. With greater and greater reliance on connectivity through mobile networks, internet and satellite internet, it’s vital that spectrum usage is planned and that new devices are compliant with any new regulations.

Apart from private customers and businesses using mobiles, TV services and internet, the spectrum also supports the most critical infrastructure that drives Australia’s economy.

A Smart City Communications Network Graphic


As the space becomes more crowded, coexistence of users on any given band must be considered so that for example, performers at large concerts can use wireless microphones without the risk of interfering with the next generation of railway communications used by the trains bringing fans to the venue.

One of the key elements of the draft plan looks at future use of the upper 6 GHz frequency.
Adam Suckling of ACMA commented:

“Internationally, the upper 6 GHz band is growing in importance for both 5G as well as the next generation of wi-fi technology, with strong and divergent views on the best use of the band. Accordingly, we are moving to the preliminary planning stage in order to come to a decision on the future use of this band.”

The outcomes from this draft will affect makers of all internet enabled electrical devices from TVs to washing machines, vehicle driver assistance technologies, as well as mobile phones, walkie talkies and more. the way these devices share the spectrum in the coming years will be crucial for Australia’s economy and the continuing efficiency of its critical services.

Consultations closed on 22 April, so we can expect a finalised plan from ACMA in the coming months. If your company needs advice on ACMA compliance, please contact us.

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